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horrible that kind of hate.  Sad and infuriating.  Hard to see being a parent and somewhat a punkish middle-aged woman.




I have too many friends that don't fit into the nice neat box society would like us to be in. Hell, I think most people would see me fit into the Stereotype of a Nice ordinary person [White, British, Blonde, Female, plump, decent job, 2 car family, mortgage, 1 cat, no kids]. but... I roleplay stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, have played online games, I have weird philosophical/religious views, I am liberal and have a mind so open I get drafts!

Labels are only a shorthand.

People are too complex for labels :(

I have friends who knew Sophie, went to the clubs she did, I am certainly within 6 degrees of seperation from her, probably 2-3. This could all too easily been someone I know.


So long as the "us vs them" mentality exists, there will always be hate crimes. If it became socially unacceptable to attack people based on any of the categories of bias that we describe now, people would find some new group to pick on. Until we learn on a large scale to coexist and to see those who are unlike us as equally human to us, and thus endowed with inalienable human rights, this will always continue.


This is also the extreme face of bullying ~ simple, nasty, brutish playground bullying.

You are different, you wear A-line skirts, alice bands and knee high socks while we wear slump jeans and popsocks therefore we bully you. You have long blonde hair and a faint american accent while we are mostly short-haired brunettes and are well british, thus we snark and rip of your alice band and call you nasty names and refuse to let you sit with us at lunch. You like science fiction and star trek while we are all rabid Neighbours fans ~ we call you names and think you are a nerd. You are slim and active and can run the hocky pitch ragged while I am short, plump and big breasted and can't hit a tennis ball to save my life so I am fat and dumb.

bitter? Moi? :)

Cheap and nasty and brutish. And sometimes deadly.

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