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It seems that people want their public lives to be private and their private lives to be private while publishing them to the public.

What are we going to do with all these confused people?


Nice point :) I think the issue is that people have expectations and get cranky when they are not met.

The photography I can sometimes see - you might feel funny if you saw yourself in someone's picture and had no idea it was taken, like seeing yourself commented upon, or in the paper, when you have no idea about it. And I can appreciate that some people may be stalked, or in the case of stars, chased - yes their public lives are very public but should be allowed some privacy.

But there is a big difference with photography and in particular photographing things or locations. Unless specifically prohibited then it is permitted.

Confused indeed :)


i know another place with a nicely tuned interaction system among 'neghbours' - another blogging service MULTIPLY.COM which raised the idea of privacy to the highest level.

they do have their privacy on the net -))


That sort of thing is useful - I use Livejournal a lot (which is how I came to Vox) and like the multiple settings. I think the neighbours one is very good as well, to let you get to know people.

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